In October 2020 Wokingham Borough Council launched its Arts and Culture strategy for 2020-2030. Its aim was to promote the profile of arts and culture throughout the borough, making it a place that is recognised for its cultural activities and arts offer, which is both inclusive and accessible to all.

The strategy identified six key priorities across the borough with the purpose of driving this ambition forward.  These priorities included enhancing Wokingham’s cultural identity and sense of place; fostering social interaction and community cohesion; improving health and wellbeing; developing opportunities for children and young people; supporting economic growth; and maximising partnerships and collaboration.

The draft plan can be read here – Wokingham Borough Council Arts and Culture Strategy 2020-2030 . It was written in reference to the Arts Council Draft Strategy written in 2019. More information about Wokingham Borough Council’s Arts and Culture Strategy can be found here.

Wokingham Borough Council asked for a discussion with all town and parish councils and Winnersh Parish Council responded to the strategy with the document ‘Place of Culture’. 

Other arts and culture initiatives within Wokingham Borough Council include the new Wocca app which aims to celebrate and promote the borough’s cultural offering as well as an explorer function aimed at young families.

Wocca app logo

The App can be downloaded on compatible smart phones from their relevant store.

For Android

For Apple 

There are many arts and crafts organisations and groups in the Wokingham and Berkshire area –

There is a national list of endangered crafts in the UK


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