Remote Committee Meetings (COVID-19)

Our upcoming meetings will be held remotely and the public and press can apply to join them by contacting the Parish Clerk by 3pm on the day of the meeting. Questions relating to items on the agenda can also be sent to the Clerk by the same time.

Winnersh Parish Council Meeting Schedule

The tables below shows the day within the corresponding month on which meetings are held (eg the first Full Council meeting in 2017 is on 10th January). Very occasionally meeting dates may have to be changed at short notice so please check with the office if you wish to attend.
See Home Page for latest news on meetings during the coronavirus pandemic.

Annual Parish Meeting: In addition the Annual Parish Meeting (APM) is held in May. The purpose of this meeting is for the Council to explain what it has been doing over the past year and to enable electors to have their say on anything that they consider important.

Attending Meetings: Winnersh residents are very welcome to attend all the Council’s meetings, especially the Annual Parish Meeting and full Council meetings, where there is a Public Session near the beginning of the meeting for residents to express their views and ask questions.

Meeting Minutes: Minutes of meetings are posted here in PDF format soon after they have been approved (indicated by the date of the meeting being underlined). Normally minutes for both the full Council meetings and for all Committee meetings are approved at the following full Council meeting. Click on the underlined date of a meeting to read the minutes of that meeting (requires Adobe Acrobat software).

2021 Meetings and Minutes


Full Council MeetingsFinance & General Purposes CommitteePlanning CommitteeRecreation & Amenities Committee
January12 26& Budget 20/211119
February9 and Budget 2021/228Cancelled
March9 1 and 222
May4 (Annual Council Meeting)2511
September14th6th and 28th7th
November9th8th and 30th2nd

2020 Meetings and Minutes


Full Council MeetingsFinance & General Purposes CommitteePlanning CommitteeRecreation & Amenities Committee
January14286 & 277
March109 & 31
June91 & 232
August4 & 253
October13265 & 276

2019 Meetings and Minutes


Full Council MeetingsFinance & General Purposes CommitteePlanning CommitteeRecreation & Amenities Committee
January8292 & 227
March124 & 265
April93016 & 292
May14 (+APM)2021
July9308 & 232
September103 & 233


Meeting Dates

Normally meetings are held as follows:

Full Council: second Tuesday of each month except August

Finance & General Purposes: quarterly to tie in with the availability of the previous quarter’s accounts

Recreation & Amenities: first Tuesday of each month except August

Planning: on a three week cycle to meet the timescale required by the Planning Authority (WBC)

Time & Place

Normally meetings are held at 7:30 pm in the Sindlesham Room (downstairs) or the John Grobler Room (upstairs) at the Winnersh Community Centre.
This may vary occasionally and you are advised to check with the Parish Office if you wish to attend. For disabled access please contact the Parish Office in advance.

The Annual Parish Meeting normally starts at 7:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each May followed by the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council at 8:30 pm.

Meetings Archive

To read the minutes of meetings held in previous years, please visit the Meetings Archive.

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