Climate Change Emergency Working Group has been established at Winnersh Parish Council to investigate and propose to the parish’s Full Council the ways that it can reduce its carbon footprint with an aim to become carbon neutral by 2030.

It will undertake this role by:

  • Reviewing all the functions of the Parish Council, including lighting, land management and supply chains with an aim to reduce carbon.
  • Reviewing and updating all Policies of the Parish Council in relation to carbon reduction.
  • All proposed projects put to Full Council or any Standing Committee to include a Climate Change Impact Assessment.
  • Work with neighbouring Town and Parish Council’s as well as the Borough Council on the Climate Change Emergency.
  • Develop a ‘live’ Parish Council Action Plan that will compliant with the Borough Council’s Climate Change Emergency Action Plan where it is relevant to Winnersh Parish Council.

More information about Wokingham Borough Council’s response to the climate emergency can be found here.

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