The principal functions of the Standing Committees are as follows:

Finance & General Purposes Committee

  • to coordinate the preparation of the Council’s annual budget and to monitor income and expenditure against that budget throughout the year
  • to advise the Council on the financial implications of its policies
  • to recommend staff appointments and deal with contractual and personnel matters
  • to keep the Council’s procedures under review and recommend improvements as necessary – including financial procedures, Standing Orders for the conduct of meetings and Parish Byelaws
  • to agree grants to organisations making a contribution to the local community
  • to co-ordinate the assessment and mitigation of risks to which the Council may be subject, including the provision of insurance cover
  • to oversee other Council activities delegated to the Committee by the full Council, including coordination of the Winnersh Parish Civic Awards

Recreation & Amenities Committee

  • to oversee the management and improvement of the Council’s recreational facilities, including the Winnersh Hall, Sindlesham Room, football pitches and the Allnatt Pavilion
  • to develop and maintain other facilities such as the activity areas at the Bearwood Recreation Ground
  • to agree and monitor contracts for the maintenance of the above facilities
  • to recommend fees for the use of the Council’s facilities
  • to manage the allotments

Planning and Transport Committee

  • to review planning applications. Planning applications are reviewed on the basis of traffic impact, how suitable they are relative to the neighbouring properties, the environment and density considerations. Applications cover not only residential developments but also commercial, industrial, advertising hoardings and the positioning of masts and “street furniture”. In the case of an applicant appealing against a refusal by the Borough Council, the Committee are often involved in the appeal process, representing the views of residents. Where there are highways and road issues the committee is involved in providing the Highway Authority with input
  • to consider environmental issues. Environmental issues include tree preservation (for established trees), husbandry of the trees on parish council land and general environmental aspects of the Winnersh and Sindlesham area

Executive Committee

  • to deal with urgent issues that need to be resolved before the next appropriate Council or Committee meeting. The Executive Committee consists of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman of Council plus the Chairmen of the three Standing Committees above

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