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A new outdoor gym has been installed at Bearwood Recreation Ground by Winnersh Parish Council and is now open to the public for the first time.

Outdoor gym at Bearwood Recreation Ground

New outdoor gym at Bearwood Recreation Ground

The new equipment includes a spinning bike, cross trainer, hand bike, shoulder press and pull up bars. It has been designed by The Great Outdoor Gym Company to cater for beginners to experienced users and each piece of equipment has start and finish diagrams which explain the technique. There is accessible equipment such as the hand bike, while the equipment has instructions in a large font, wider seats, and transfer handles. This free and inclusive fitness space will benefit everyone who wants to increase or expand their physical activity.

Get the app
The equipment instructions include scannable QR codes for the free TGO Activate App. The app allows users to find a nearby TGO gym, find out information about the equipment available as well as logging your activity. You can download the app here:

Download the app for Apple
Download the app for Android

Considering the environment
When deciding to replace the outdoor gym, Winnersh Parish Council wanted to do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Not only is the manufacturing done in the UK but The Great Outdoor Gym Company work with NHS Forests to plant a tree of every piece of equipment sold. To date over 3000 trees have been planted since 2012. The ground surface was also replaced with a green rubber crumb made from recycled tyres and a new path to the car park was laid providing easier access for users. Safety is also important, and the equipment is compliant with European safety standards and has undergone rigorous testing. There are no crush points, and all mechanisms are concealed within the steel framework.

Shoulder press equipment

The shoulder press piece of equipment at the new outdoor gym.

Bearwood Recreation Ground
The new gym is located on Bearwood Recreation Ground in Sindlesham. We have free parking and as well as the recreation ground for you to enjoy, there is a play park for children, a basketball court and a table tennis table. The Winnersh Community Centre is home to many regular groups as well as being available for hire for parties and one-off events. For more information about the community centre visit



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