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New trees have been planted on Bearwood Recreation Ground in Sindlesham as part of the Parish Council’s response to the Climate Change Emergency.

One of the new trees is a small oak, which has been grown by Parish Chairman, Paul Fishwick, from an acorn he collected from the Sindlesham Oak. The six other trees include a Mountain Ash, a Norway Maple and a Judas Tree.

New trees planted at Bearwood Recreation Ground

New trees planted at Bearwood Recreation Ground.

At the 2018 Winnersh Fete a competition was run by the Wokingham District Veteran Tree Association to name two magnificent oaks on the recreation ground. The trees were named the Sindlesham Oak, and the Walter Oak. The Sindlesham Oak, which is next to the play area, is thought to have been growing on the site since the 1680s. The Walter Oak was named after the Walter Family who lived nearby and owned The Times newspaper.

Small oak tree

‘Chairman’s Oak’ grown from an acorn from the Sindlesham Oak which can be seen in the background.

For more information on the trees at Bearwood Recreation Ground download this leaflet – Bearwood Tree Walk

Sindlesham Oak sign

Sign for the Sindlesham Oak, located at the playground.



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