There is a lot of information available about recycling in Winnersh, Sindlesham and the Wokingham Borough area.

The Wokingham Borough Council website provides information on all aspects of rubbish, recycling, collection dates and arranging the collection of large items. It also give details of what residents can put in each bin:

Your essential guide to rubbish and recycling 2021-22

There is also information and booking criteria on the Longshot lane (Bracknell) and Smallmead (Reading) tip and recycling centres here.

Glass recycling

Glass jars and bottles cannot be collected by the refuse collections and information can be found on the Recycle Now website on local glass banks. There are a number in Winnersh, along with Hurst, Woodley and Wokingham which can be seen in the image below.

The one blue bag challenge

Wokingham Borough Council has also introduced a new initiative, the one blue bag challenge, and is asking residents to consider how much rubbish they are throwing away and not recycling.

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