The Glass Company provide a doorstep glass collection service throughout Wokingham Borough.

The Glass Company was created, to not only improve the eco friendliness of your household but to also make life a whole lot easier for you. The average family uses 500 glass bottles and jars every year, yet 5 out of 6 are thrown away and not recycled – purely out of inconvenience.

Green, brown, and clear glass is collected right from your doorstep. This innovative initiative not only eliminates the mess associated with glass disposal but also promotes responsible recycling practices in our community. By offering doorstep pickups, The Glass Company saves the customer time and effort but also ensure that glass waste is properly handled. They employ state-of-the-art recycling techniques to process the collected glass, transforming it into raw materials for new products.

The Glass Company also help the local community, with a percentage of our profits going back into local charities, donating 10% of what is earnt back into Wokingham Borough Council residential projects.

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