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Winnersh Parish Council are happy to announce that the Winnersh Summer Fete is planned for Saturday 4th September 2021 on Bearwood Recreation Ground in Sindlesham.

The fete was of course cancelled last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic but we are excited to put this years event on for residents of Winnersh, Sindlesham and the local community. The fete will run between 1pm-4.30pm and will be a traditional family fete including stalls with games, some selling produce and others providing information about local organisations.

Winnersh summer fete 2019

Inflatables at the Winnersh Summer Fete 2019.

Winnersh summer fete 2019

Wheelbarrow racing at Winnersh Summer Fete 2019

There will also be a programme of activities including arena displays and many other attractions for all ages. There will be no charge to gain entry to the fete or for parking and several of the children’s attractions will also be free of charge. There will be refreshment stalls including a BBQ, ice cream and candy floss.

Winnersh Summer fete 2019

Music being played at the Winnersh Summer Fete in 2019.

The fete is now a well established event for the Winnersh and Sindlesham communities and we very much hope that you will want to join us to ensure its success and especially to help raise the morale of the community after these very difficult times.

For more information please contact [email protected]


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