On Saturday 23rd October members of the Rotary Club of Reading Thames came to Bearwood Recreation Ground to plant crocus bulbs to commemorate World Polio Day which is 24th October.

Parish councillors and rotary club

Volunteers from the Rotary Club of Reading Thames were joined by the Parish Council Chairman and other parish councillors.

Parish Council Chairman Paul Fishwick was joined by parish Council Vice-Chair Linda Wooldridge, along with some newly co-opted members of the parish council, Cllrs Lesley Doyle, Raf Nicholson and Joseph Boadu who all welcomed the Rotary Club to Winnersh.

The Rotary Club volunteers have planted purple crocus bulbs in the shape of the rotary wheel and we look forward to seeing them flower in the spring.

Planting bulbs

Volunteers from the Rotary Club Reading Thames marking out the location for the bulbs.

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