The new allotment garden is taking shape with two access roads and parking areas currently being constructed. The wet and snowy weather has caused a delay, but the contractor is now making really good progress. With the weather predicted to improve (and Spring around the corner!) they are reasonably confident that the allotment garden will be ready by the end of March.

We are working with Wokingham BC to refine a ‘Move Plan’ and that essentially means providing transport to get produce/equipment/tools from the existing allotments to the new site. At this stage we are looking to offer 1 day during the week commencing 18 March and the weekend of the 23/24 March and 1 day during the week commencing 25 March and the weekend of the 30/31 March. Ideally, we will try and allocate some time slots that are convenient for you so if you could please let us know if you have any preference for day/time, and what assistance you may require, that would be really helpful.

As agreed at the open meeting on 11 January 2019, 3 large steel shipping containers will be provided that will each have a single entrance protected with a combination lock . They will be lit by motion-activated solar-powered lights but will not be provided with electric power points.

Before committing to provide the containers, we would like to have an idea of the likely demand and if individual lockers are required. So, if a locker (1ft wide x 1ft deep x 5ft10in high) were to be provided for you in one of those containers, would you commit to making use of it? In deciding, will you please consider the following:-

  • The containers will be a fair walk from some allotments, especially those in the middle of the site
  • Individual allotment holders’ own sheds would perhaps provide more convenient and larger storage, even with the smallest shed (3ft x 2ft x 5ft 10in)
  • Storage in individual sheds will be safer than on the old allotments due to the 2m security fence around the boundary and lockable entrance gates
  • Vehicle access is available next to each allotment, so tools could easily be returned to a car
  • Would you commit to making use of such a locker if it was bigger, for example 3ft wide x 1ft deep x 5ft10in high, bearing in mind that it would be some distance from some allotments?

Do you have any other suggestion(s) for how these containers could be used, other than for storage? We would only provide the containers if there is demand for them, so please do say if you feel they should or should not be provided.

There will be other facilities on site including two compost toilets (one at each end of the site) and a manure dump around the half way point.

Please send your feedback (particularly about the containers) to the Parish Clerk at [email protected] by Wednesday, 27 February 2019.

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